Rapid evolution in bats: A rare phenomenon observed

Same species, different sizes

Fermented foods boost brain growth

Fermentation technology & human brain expansion.

New evolution theory: Why animals shrink?

The study identified three distinct patterns of body-size change.

UCLA researcher discovers menopause in wild chimpanzees

Menopause supported by demographics and hormonal data in wild chimpanzees.

Study determine the average age at conception for men and women throughout the past 250,000 years

Fathers are consistently older than mothers throughout human evolutionary history, but that age gap has shrunk.

Human evolution continues, reveals forearm artery

This evolutionary trend will continue in those born 80 years from today.

New research suggests sex appeal helped some dinosaurs take flight

Many dinosaurs were covered with simple hair-like feathers. These feathers solely served as insulation to keep dinosaurs warm and had absolutely nothing to do...

Intelligent Men More Likely to Marry and Stay Married

Scientists generally agree that intelligence can be captured by psychometric tests. Although, there are various ways to define it including as one's capacity for...

Genetic Study Uncovers Evolutionary History of Dingoes

A major study of dingo DNA has revealed dingoes most likely migrated to Australia in two separate waves via a former land bridge with...

We are Born with a Fear of Spiders And Snakes

Spiders and snakes are gross and scary. Even in developed countries, most of the people are scared of these animals. The disgust and cultural history...

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