Intelligent Men More Likely to Marry and Stay Married

Intelligence predicts both likelihood to get married and likelihood to stay married.


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Scientists generally agree that intelligence can be captured by psychometric tests. Although, there are various ways to define it including as one’s capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity, and problem-solving. Such intelligence has positive effects on other aspects of life.

In a new study, scientists have provided large-scale evidence of the role of individual intelligence in marriage. According to researchers, intelligent men find it easier to attract their partners, keep their relationships stable, and have kids. Such men are more likely to get married.

Male’s intelligence score at early adulthood has a positive relationship with their subsequent likelihood to get married.

Perhaps, their study suggests that intelligent men marry in greater numbers not because they are smarter but because they have greater access to resources. Even, women value a partner who is ambitious, industrious and has good financial prospects.

In short, intelligence is an important driver for successful relationships.

Scientists used data from Finland’s famously detailed national statistics and then linked it to IQ data collected by the Finnish armed forces. They found that men with higher intelligence, likely to be married.

Jaakko Aspara led a team of researchers from Finland said, “man’s wealth had an important effect on his likelihood of marrying. In fact, wealth was more influential than intelligence. But, the intelligent men were still more likely to have married and to have stayed married, regardless of his wealth.”

Scientists split the IQ scores into three components: verbal, logical, and numeric. Verbal intelligence was by far the most important form of intelligence when it came to getting married. Arithmetical skill had no effect at all. This makes sense given that verbal skills are the most easily observable form of intelligence during courtship. So, a man with a quick wit may well be seen as a catch.


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