Energy Storage

Supercapacitors can help charge your laptop in a minute or your electric vehicle in 10

Charging Times Revolutionized: Breakthrough Discovery in Energy Storage

Converting chicken fat into energy storage devices

A method to transform chicken fat into carbon-based electrodes for supercapacitors.

Recyclable ‘water batteries’ that won’t catch fire or explode

New water batteries stay cool under pressure.

New research could help advance clean energy storage technology

Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy.

Engineers created an energy-storing supercapacitor using ancient materials

The device could provide cheap and scalable energy storage for renewable energy sources.

Solar battery that can absorb light and store energy simultaneously

The synthesized material can be used to create a solar battery.

Proton battery promises cheap, more eco-friendly energy storage

Recent design improvements make it competitive as a carbon-neutral alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Researchers develop fully stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery

New battery offers improved safety, enhanced performance, and remarkable flexibility for new applications.

Adding sugar significantly boosts flow battery capacity and longevity

Simple sugar boosts the peak power output of the battery by a remarkable 60%.

Nanosheet technology boosts the energy density of dielectric capacitors

A nanosheet device with the highest energy storage performance yet seen.

Researchers develop world’s first non-toxic aluminium-ion battery

The new aluminum radical battery promises more sustainable power.

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