Australian lizards protect sheep from predators

Role of heath goannas in carcass removal and blowfly control.

ISTA researchers create the smallest egg in history

World record: Tiniest egg ever.

Are eggs good for us? Scientists tackled the debate in a new way

A comprehensive picture of health benefits of eggs.

The secrete of a virgin birth in female flies

Genetic cause of virgin birth passed down through female generations.

Cuckoo eggs can be detected & rejected from their nest

African cuckoos may have matched fork-tailed drongo.

Large Pterosaurs were more nurturing than previously thought

Pterosaur giantism linked to increased parental care.

Reptile or egg: the evolution of amniotes

The evolution of the amniotic egg and its implications for viviparity.

Scientists develop non-invasive way to sex chicken eggs

Volatile chemicals reveal the sex of chicken embryos.

Fossilized eggs reveal details of titanosaur in India

Fossilized eggs reveal details of titanosaur reproduction, nesting, and early life

Egg-based coating extends the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables

Rice University scientists have created inexpensive coatings that can be used to protect fruits and vegetables. Plus, this eco-friendly, micron-thick coating solves problems both...

One egg per day does not appear to be associated with cardiovascular disease risk

A past study has suggested that people who eat an added three or four eggs a week or 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol per...

Eggs intake not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice

According to a new study by the University of Sydney, eating up to 12 eggs per week for a year did not increase cardiovascular risk factors...

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