New design for significantly more efficient solar cells

Decisive breakthrough for rapid energy transfer.

Hemispherical-shell-shaped solar cells harvest 66% more energy

The new solar cell design for absorption enhancement and improved angular coverage.

3D-printed reactor cores can boost solar fuel production efficiency

They can produce twice as much solar fuel with the same input of concentrated solar radiation.

Solar-powered bus stop reduces extreme heat by up to 20 degrees

It makes waiting times more comfortable and pleasant for the user during times of extreme heat.

Adding sugar significantly boosts flow battery capacity and longevity

Simple sugar boosts the peak power output of the battery by a remarkable 60%.

New computer memory could greatly improve performance and reduce energy use

It could both greatly reduce the energy demands of internet and communications technologies.

A self-charging electrical battery inspired by fish could help power space applications

Developing soft, self-charging, bio-inspired power sources for space applications.

Novel chemistry behind ultra-high power density batteries

It has potential to reach ultra-high power densities far beyond current lithium-ion technology.

Airbus reveals the world’s longest-range single-aisle jetliner

On the first day of the Paris Air Show 2019, Monday, June 17, aircraft manufacturer Airbus unveiled designs of its new A321XLR jet. The...

London to build world’s first 360 Degree Infinity Rooftop Pool

Death defying swimming pools are apparently set to become the latest architecture trend in Central London, allowing visitors to float over 200 meters above...

Epione: Personal massager on the go

Researchers from Wellscare with extensive experience in low-laser therapy has created the pain reliever of the future. Wellscare has already proven its effectiveness in fat reduction...

Popular Messaging Apps Shows Encrypting is Easy but Authenticating is Hard

A recent study by the Brigham Young University suggests, users who use popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber are exposing themselves to fraud...

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