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Example of image in the COCO dataset (left) and its pixel-wise semantic labeling (right). Image credit: Florida Memory,

Fluid annotation: An exploratory machine learning–powered interface for faster image annotation

A team of scientists at Google Research has introduced Fluid Annotation, an intuitive human-machine collaboration interface for annotating the class label and outline of...
Autonomous self-driving car is recognizing road signs. Computer vision and artificial intelligence concept.

Want computers to see better in the real world? Train them in a virtual...

Researchers have built up another approach to enhance how computers "see" and "understand" protests in reality via preparing the computer vision frameworks in a...
Called R1, Skydio's drone is equipped with 13 cameras that capture omnidirectional video. It launches and lands through an app — or by itself. On the app, the R1 can also be preset to certain filming and flying conditions or be controlled manually.

Autonomous video-capturing drone “selfie drone”

Skydio, a San Francisco-based startup founded by three MIT alumni has recently developed an autonomous video capturing drone also called 'selfie drone' that tracks and...
Google's new Neural Image Assessment (NIMA) for judging photos

Google’s new Neural Image Assessment (NIMA) for judging photos

Most likely PC programming couldn't pass judgment on pictures the way we do? Appending numerical scores to specialized subtle elements would one say one...
New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

At a scope of 2 meters, existing time-of-flight systems have a profundity determination of about a centimeter. That is sufficient for the helped to...