PFAS contamination in teas, processed meats, and packaging

Dietary intake and longitudinal measures of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

The unexpected role of dry-cleaning fluid in synthetic chemistry advancements

The path to upcycling perc and thus contribute to a more sustainable society.

Menstrual products contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Systematic review on chemicals in menstrual products.

“Forever Chemicals” in Yale study boost cancer cell migration

Research shows that PFOS and PFOA encourage colorectal cancer spheroid movement.

The dangers of mixing heat and haircare products

Siloxane exposure in buildings from hair care products.

Scientists use AI to develop advanced gastric acid treatment

Creating new drugs with deep learning and gastric proton pump structures.

Chemicals in plastics: A risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

NIEHS grant fuels research into chemical exposure's role in atherosclerosis development.

Chemical imaging technology reveals hidden details in Egyptian paintings

On-site analysis of paint layering identifies history of alterations in ancient paintings.

Domestic cats’ noses function similarly to parallel coiled gas chromatographs

Parallels between cat noses and gas chromatography provide new insights into mammalian evolution.

Concerns raised over the impact of chemicals on marine life

Researchers warn of deleterious chemicals in harbors.

Synergistic Iron Carbide Catalysts Enable Direct Syngas-to-Higher Alcohol Conversion

Synergistic Ca-Fe catalyst exhibited high alcohol selectivity and space-time yield.

How to pull carbon dioxide out of seawater

A new method for removing greenhouse gas from the ocean could be far more efficient.

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