Precise measurement of a fundamental principle of the standard model of particle physics

Scientists discovered support for the disputed universal truth of particle physics.

CERN scientists demonstrated laser cooling of antihydrogen atoms for the first time

The groundbreaking achievement produces colder antimatter than ever before.

CERN experiment found that beauty quarks not behaving in the way they should

The experiment challenges the leading theory in physics.

Scientists found evidence of mythical Odderon particle

Scientists succeeded in identifying the particle in connection with an advanced data analysis.

Breakthrough in nuclear physics

High-precision measurements of the strong interaction between stable and unstable particles.

First significant evidence for a process that could lead to new physics

It could explain dark matter and other mysteries of the universe.

A new class of pentaquarks has been discovered

Until now, we used to thought that a pentaquark was made up of five quarks by sticking together. But now, a new study has...

FASER detector at the LHC to explore clues about hidden matter in the universe

On March 5, the research board at the CERN has approved a new experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, to search for...

Mysterious Leptoquarks could bind both types of matter

The matter is made of rudimentary particles, and the Standard Model of particle physics expresses that these particles happen in two families: leptons, (for...

World’s largest neutrino detector brings scientists closer to understanding the universe

A group of international scientists is a step closer to address the most fundamental question of the universe: Why we are here? The experiment 'Deep...

CERN scientists say the LHC has confirmed three new particles

The LHCb collaboration has discovered three never before seen particles in high-energy proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). These new particles belong to the...

Scientists successfully accelerated electrons in a plasma wave

For the first ever time, scientists have demonstrated a way to accelerate electrons using protons passing through the plasma. Scientists made this important discovery using a...

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