Blood Vessels

A new way to treat eye problems: Eyedrops instead of shots

Stopping AMD with a new treatment: Activate regeneration.

Scientists at ISTA explain how pulsing pumping can save energy

Reducing turbulence with heartbeat-inspired flow control.

Hopeful progress in retina cell research for battling blindness

A nanofibrous scaffold with fluocinolone acetonide enhances culturing of retinal pigment epithelial cells.

First video of Nobel ‘pressure sensors’ in action at Imperial

Precise imaging of piezo1 activity using genEPi across scales.

Discovery of a new therapeutic target for ARDS

Rejuvenating blood vessels: The role of endothelial FoxM1 in healing lungs.

New classification method for HPV-associated head and neck cancers

HNSCC cases linked to HPV+ increase significantly.

Incurable vascular diseases: New hope for treatment

Acetate regulates the endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

A wound-healing ink can be 3D printed into cuts to heal wounds

Wound-healing ink encourages healing by exposing cut to immune-system vesicles.

Identifying the cause of mysterious heart disease in women

Researchers are investigating the genetics of spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

Nature-inspired compounds break down cancer gene’s RNA

Nature-inspired compounds can be used to target cancer genes' RNA.

Where do our limbs originate?

Christian Mosimann & other scientists are developing a new theory on limb development.

Regular exercise may reduce risk of brain haemorrhage

Regular physical activity can reduce bleeding in intracerebral hemorrhage.

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