Researchers found giant viruses on Greenland’s ice sheet

The viruses probably regulate the growth of snow algae on the ice by infecting them.

Nematode worms learn to avoid dangerous bacteria

A bacterial molecule triggers the avoidance behavior, which persists for four generations.

Antibiotic-free bacteria annihilation: The power of modified stainless steel

This modified stainless steel could kill bacteria without antibiotics or chemicals.

DNA extracted from ancient feces can provide insights into the gut environment of ancient Japanese

The samples also contained evidence of bacteria and viruses from the ancient human gut microbiome.

Protein in human sweat may guard against Lyme disease

SCGB1D2 halts Borrelia burgdorferi growth and impacts Lyme disease risk.

Gut bacteria essential for conquering milk allergy

Gut bacteria and compounds in poop are connected to long-lasting relief in kids with milk allergies treated with oral therapy.

AI-assisted bacterial fermentation advances Alzheimer’s drug

Biosensor and machine learning assist in amaryllidaceae enzyme engineering.

Steroid drugs for HRT tackles E. coli and MRSA

Steroid drugs kill MRSA by inhibiting bacterial oxidases.

Gut bacteria shape the newborn immune system with neurotransmitters

Gut bacteria-produced serotonin encourages immune tolerance in infancy.

MIT researchers are using new nanoparticles to improve vaccines

Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks boost SARS-CoV-2 spike protein trimer immunity via Toll-like receptor activation.

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