Contact lens eye infection can be curable by tree compound

Hydroquinine strengthens contact lens solution.

A common food preservative found to have unexpected effects on the gut microbiome

Nisin A, a Class I lantibiotic commonly used as a food preservative, has been studied for its ability to kill pathogens. Yet, its effects...

Fast-acting molecule boosts white blood cell counts briefly

Endocrine stress response: Small molecule mobilizes leukocytes.

Creating viruses to eliminate harmful germs

Engineering pseudomonas aeruginosa phages using synthetic biology for clinical relevance.

Gut bacteria affect respiratory viral infection severity

Impact of gut microbiota on severity of respiratory viral infection revealed.

Virus infection reduced by 96% through mechanical methods

URV contributes to international project creating a chemical-free virucidal surface.

Antimicrobial properties of Tomato juice can kill bacteria causing Typhoid fever

Researchers find 2 antimicrobial peptides effective against bacteria.

New study raises concerns over eating salad in space

Lettuce and other plants are more susceptible to bacterial infections in space than on Earth.

New mouse study reveals protective power of breast milk

Breast milk complement alters gut microbiota for infant health.

A virus that harms people while they sleep

Eliminating dormant pseudomonas aeruginosa cells.

Unveiling superbug drivers beyond antibiotic

Longitudinal study of multidrug-resistant E. coli across countries.

Over 30 new species of bacteria discovered in patient samples

Some of these are associated with clinically relevant infections.

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