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Transmission electron micrographs of reference serovar Typhi Ty2 strain. (a–d) Normal Salmonella cells and (e–h) cadmium adapted Salmonella cells. Arrows highlights the differences observed. Inset- White arrows marked the electron dense regions in the enhanced micrographic image.

How heavy metals are helping spread drug resistance

Exposure to cadmium is making typhoid-causing bacteria, Salmonella, stronger and difficult-to-treat with conventional antibiotics, a new study has suggested. Researchers have identified exposure to cadmium...
Hot chip: the nanomushroom chip used to grow bacterial colonies for testing

Chips, light and coding moves the front line in beating bacteria

Our immune system is consistently fighting against bacteria. Now, this consistent fight against bacteria has taken a new move with the announcement of a tool....
Retaliation: Toxin producers produce a small amount of toxin all the time (green and red cells). A provoking toxin-producer (right) is sensed through its released toxin by its competitor (left), which in turn becomes more aggressive by producing more toxin, causing significant damage to the provoker. The panels at the bottom show the difference in outcome when a strain is non-provoking (green colony, left panel) or provoking (green colony, right panel) against the same competitor (unlabelled colony in both panels).

Bacteria can ‘divide and conquer’ to vanquish their enemies

Bacteria frequently take part in 'warfare' by discharging toxins or different molecules that harm or slaughter contending strains. This war for assets happens in...
Ecoli Migration

Bacterial balancing act: Preserving diversity while on the move

Varieties of bacteria guarantee the capacity to survive arbitrary changes in the earth. Yet, when a bacterial band starts to relocate, individual cell contrasts display...
New two-stage gas sensor reports on soil dynamics

New two-stage gas sensor reports on soil dynamics

As of now, scientists measure microbial movement in soil by granulating tests and utilizing forms like elite fluid chromatography to evaluate their substance. That...
Assumptions of How Antibiotics Work may be Incorrect

Assumptions of How Antibiotics Work may be Incorrect

Many patients die due to bacterial infections. Almost 10 thousand deaths occur due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Understanding how antibiotics work is difficult for creating effective treatment procedures...
New Technology Could Offer Cheaper, Faster Food testing

New Technology Could Offer Cheaper, Faster Food testing

Foodborne bacteria can cause all sorts of problems. “Food poisoning” can foster mild to severe stomach discomfort, major gastrointestinal distress. So, food testing is...
Inulin-Propionate Ester: A Supplement That Can Switch Off Junk Food Cravingsvideo

Inulin-Propionate Ester: Supplement That Can Switch Off Junk Food Cravings

Researchers at Imperial College London, UK have developed a supplement that can switch off the strong desire for high-calorie foods, like pizza and doughnuts....