Ozone hole grows 3X the size of Brazil

Ozone hole goes large again.

New Antarctic extremes are ‘virtually certain’ as the world warms

Antarctic change has global implications.

Antarctic ice sheet rocks reveal surprising past

This unexpected find shows that glaciers in the region were able to regrow following earlier shrinkage.

First close-up video of an enormous iceberg in Antarctica

First, look at the giant A81 iceberg from Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf.

Scientists discovered a 17-pound meteorite in Antarctica

Scientists actually returned with five new meteorites, including this one.

Study reveals new factor in Antarctic ice shelf melting

Scientists discovered a process that can contribute to the melting of ice shelves in the Antarctic.

Study unveils why Southern hemisphere is stormier than the Northern

A first concrete explanation for difference, and show it is getting even stormier over time.

Scientists discovered a river longer than Thames beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

An unexpected river under the Antarctic ice sheet affects the flow and melting of ice.

A 4-Billion-year-old ancient piece of Earth’s crust found underneath Western Australia

Lasers light the way to the discovery of ancient crust.

Antarctica’s ice shelves may be melting at an accelerated rate

How do coastal ocean currents increase Antarctic ice shelf melt?

A New Antarctica study shows that levels of toxic chemicals increased markedly

Levels of ‘forever chemicals’ reaching the remote continent have been increasing.

Microplastics found in fresh snow in Antarctica

A serious threat to the Antarctic.

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