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An artist's rendering of how Suskityrannus hazelae may have looked. Artwork by Andrey Atuchin.

New 3-foot-tall relative of dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex discovered

A tiny 3-foot-tall relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered and named as Suskityrannus hazelae. The discovery was made by Virginia Tech paleontologist...
A dark-eyed junco, an American goldfinch, and a house finch feed on sunflower seeds on a snowy day. Bird watchers report that cold weather influences how much they feed birds, more so than time or money. Photo by Cynthia Raught. CREDIT Virginia Tech

Study finds people who feed birds impact conservation

A bird feeder gives you the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily...
New drug discovery could halt spread of brain cancer

New drug discovery could halt spread of brain cancer

Tissues are groups of similar cells that perform a common function. The tissues in our bodies to a great extent are made of fluid. It...
Led by Assistant Professor James Smyth (pictured here), a team of researchers at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute used super resolution microscopy to gain insight into how an individual cancer cell can alter its genetic instructions to metastasize throughout the body. CREDIT Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Scientists identified novel cellular mechanism that can lead to cancer metastasis

Scientists at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute have gathered new insights that may lead to better understanding of how cells alter their communication with one...