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Drones will fly for days with this new technology

Drones will fly for days with this new technology

Thermophotovoltaic power conversion utilizes thermal radiation from a local heat source to generate electricity in a photovoltaic cell. On a solar cell, the addition...
Robotic arm stacking layers of 2D tissues. (Photo courtesy of Gideon Ukpai, UC Berkeley)

New device paves the way to 3D-printed organs, food

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. It enables users to produce complex...
Two-dimensional metal carbides spark a reaction that splits water into oxygen and valuable hydrogen gas. Berkeley researchers have discovered an easy new recipe for cooking up these nanometer-thin sheets that is nearly as simple as making Jell-O from a box. (Xining Zang graphic, copyright Wiley)

Researchers use jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst

Scientists at the UC Berkeley have developed a new, efficient catalyst that can produce hydrogen fuel from water. Working as effective as Platinum, this...
Many personal care products contain chemicals that are known endocrine-disruptors. A new study shows that prenatal exposure to two common chemicals, diethyl phosphate and triclosan, may be linked to earlier puberty in girls.

Prenatal exposure to chemicals in personal care products may speed puberty in girls

Many previous studies have suggested that girls and possibly boys have been experiencing puberty at progressively younger ages. Puberty at an early age may lead...
Stereotypes measurably influence how we treat each other

Stereotypes measurably influence how we treat each other

UC Berkeley neuroscientist Ming Hsu and individual analysts have created a computational model that can anticipate how much we discriminate against each other are...
Zika virus in blood with red blood cells, a virus which causes Zika fever found in Brazil and other tropical countries

Blood tests reveal broad extent of Zika infection

In a new study by the UC Berkeley, scientists showed that almost half of the population in Managua, Nicaragua, has been infected with the...
Engineered sand to purify stormwater

Engineered sand to purify stormwater

Stormwater runoff is often worsened by human activities and can contain nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants from fertilizers, pet and yard waste. Because stormwater flows...
nature, best medicine for PTSD

Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for PTSD

A new study by the UC Berkeley scientists, the amazement we feel in nature can significantly decrease side effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientists tracked mental...
The SQUID-based amplifier, which is about a millimeter square, is supercooled to be sensitive to faint signals from axions, should they convert into a microwave photon in the ADMX detector. Sean O'Kelley image

Start of most sensitive search yet for dark matter axion

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have recently developed low-noise superconducting quantum amplifiers through which, they are embarking the most sensitive search yet for axions,...