Targeting tired immune cells to prevent breast cancer

Mapping cellular shifts in the adult human breast.

Pioneering method to tackle lethal liver cancer

GalNAc-conjugated siRNA aims at DNAJB1-PRKACA fusion in liver cancer.

Gene-based diagnostics boosted by innovative test strips

Circular DNA structures hinder Cas12a activation, enabling self-catalysis in DNA/RNA sensing.

Why are some RNA drugs more efficient than others?

A new frontier in drug development.

New tool improves early cancer detection

Integrating single-cell DNA and RNA for tumor analysis.

Connections between human and canine brain tumors

The molecular counterpart of aggressive MenG C meningiomas found in canines.

Malaria fight sees improvement

Identification of RNA-dependent proteins across the proteome.

Scientists discovered one million new components of the human genome

We’ve started to chip away at the dark genome by finding nearly one million previously unknown exons.

Using virus history to predict future pandemics

Studying virus lineage may identify future pandemic strains.

Study revealed a mechanism that protects tissue after faulty gene expression

Scientists identified a protein complex that is activated by defects in the spliceosome.

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