UMass Amherst study reveals small RNA’s vital role in fighting cancer

Let-7 boosts tumor-fighting CD8 T cells in mice.

Advancing our knowledge of early human embryo growth

Differences in gene activity in reprogrammed human 8-Cell-like cells.

First-ever RNA recovery from extinct species

RNA history of extinct Tasmanian tiger.

COVID patients emit 1,000 virus copies per min in early symptoms

Exhaled SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies during COVID-19 infection.

Exploring why some brain tumors don’t react to immunotherapy

Blocking immune checkpoints changes how brain tumors grow.

A new dawn in malaria management

Exploring long non-coding RNA in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

Scientists discovered for the first time how the ALS gene destabilizes neuron structure

How mutation in brain cell leads to ALS and offers path for drugs?

Protein safeguards for fertility preservation

Tejas: Key player in nuage assembly and precursor processing for drosophila piRNA biogenesis.

New inhalation drug shows promise in preventing pneumonia

A New inhaled drug targets macrophages to treat acute lung damage.

A new study finds the possible cause of inner-ear bone loss

Activin A-producing fibroblasts cause bone destruction in cholesteatomas.

Gray mold removal without the use of toxic chemicals

How fungus delivers RNA weaponry?

The key to understanding cancer causes

A link between a person's cancer risk and the functions of circular RNAs.

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