Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Earth’s mantle

The terrestrial mantle still contains remnants of Earth’s initial crust’s origins

Sampling the deep graveyard of Earth’s earliest crust.

First-ever interior earth mineral discovered on Earth’s surface

New mineral from Earth’s lower mantle surfaced as diamond inclusion.

Hydrogen can bond strongly with iron in extreme conditions

There may be up to 70 times more hydrogen in Earth's core than in the oceans.

Remnants of the impact that formed the Moon may be buried deep within the Earth

They can be found in two continent-size layers of rock buried deep in Earth’s mantle.

New basalt type discovered beneath the Pacific ocean

The discovery suggests that ocean floor eruptions sourced in the Earth’s mantle were even hotter and more voluminous than previously thought.

Study reveals information on an important period in Earth’s formation

Traces of Earth’s early magma ocean identified in Greenland rocks.

Ancient Earth may have given birth to islands of life

Islands jutting up from the world’s oceans provided environmental conditions necessary for early life to flourish.

When did earth’s plate subduction begin?

Several billion-year-old rocks tell the story of the planet’s transition from alien landscape to one of continents, oceans, and ultimately life.

Scientists discovered high-pressure mineral in lunar meteorite

It was discovered within the lunar meteorite Oued Awlitis 001 found in 2014 in the Western Sahara.

Exploring the origin of chemically distinct ‘scars’ of mantle

The composition of Earth’s mantle was more shaped by interactions with the oceanic crust than previously thought.

The age of the Earth’s inner core revised

It wasn’t an easy feat.

There are two faces of the earth: study

Earth's mantle is currently classified into two main domains, African and Pacific. However, little is known about their formation and history, and they are...

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