New robotic system enables surgeons to perform ‘four-arm’ operations

Four-armed robotic surgical system is controlled by haptic interface pedals.

Groundbreaking polygon shape-changing robot for space exploration

The robot can change shape, move around and interact with objects and people.

Cryo-imaging reveals the layers of fuel cell catalysts

Nanostructure of platinum catalyst layers to optimize fuel cell efficiency.

Scientists use a centralized database to understand coral reefs

RECIFS helps understand the vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change.

Solar hydrogen system co-generates heat and oxygen

The solar reactor produces usable heat, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Music can help prevent cognitive decline

The positive impacts of musical activities to counteract brain aging.

The positive benefits of fungi on coral have yet to be entirely understood

Fungi can help protect coral reefs from climate change.

A new circuit model provides new insights into brain function

A groundbreaking computational model of the thalamic microcircuit in the mouse brain.

Smart helmets to protect against head trauma

Smart helmets provide metrics to monitor the neurological effects of head impacts.

Microorganisms living in cryospheric ecosystems have a unique genetic signature

Scientists compile an inventory of endangered microorganisms.

New 3D printing method uses light to make objects from opaque resin

Objects can now be 3D-printed in opaque resin.

A new law unchains fusion energy

The update shows that we can actually safely use more hydrogen fuel in fusion reactors.

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