Friday, June 2, 2023


Another member of the new Cow class of supernova explosions discovered

Astronomers find most luminous "Cow" to shine in x-rays.

Ripples in Saturn’s rings reveal nature of the gas giant’s core

Saturn makes waves in its own rings.

This bacteria eats metals as its food

Finding ends a century-long search for microbes that live on manganese.

First observation of rare events producing three massive force carriers

Now, there is much information available on how Universe works. However, there are still some significant mysteries that remain unsolved, such as the nature...

Astronomers captured the birth of a pair of giant planets in PDS 70 system

Using a new infrared pyramid wavefront sensor for adaptive optics (AO) correction at W. M. Keck Observatory on Maunakea in Hawaii, a Caltech-led team...

Scientists solved a long-standing problem of ‘Random Walk’ in pure math

Random Walk in maths would be what could be compared to flipping a coin to choose which direction you would take with each step. Now,...

How memories form and fade?

Strong memories are encoded by teams of neurons working together in synchrony.

Probing a new class of exoplanet

For the first ever time, a team of scientists have analyzed the chemical composition of the atmosphere of a new class of exoplanet, called...

Fast radio burst pinpointed to distant galaxy

Researchers at Caltech's Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) have recently captured a new fast radio burst- named FRB 190523- from a galaxy 7.9 billion...

Table salt compound spotted on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Slightly smaller than Earth's Moon, Jupiter's moon Europa is primarily made of silicate rock and has a water-ice crust and probably an iron-nickel core....

Comet inspires chemistry for making breathable oxygen on Mars

Although plentiful in modern Earth’s atmosphere, molecular oxygen is extremely rare in space. Only trace amounts have been found elsewhere in our solar system...

Exoplanet stepping stones

Astronomers at the Caltech have obtained some of the best and the more robust data yet on the composition of a planet known as HR...

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