Wednesday, February 1, 2023


New blood test could detect Alzheimer’s disease 3.5 years before clinical diagnosis

The study supports the idea that components in the human blood can modulate the formation of new brain cells.

This protein could be a possible biomarker for the very early stages of Alzheimer’s

Blood-based markers may reveal Alzheimer's disease ten years before symptoms show.

FDA approved Leqembi for Alzheimer’s disease treatment

This treatment option is the latest therapy to target.

Why are women more likely to get Alzheimer’s?

A clue to the molecular cause of Alzheimer’s.

Study may explain why women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s

A modified immune protein harming brain connections is much more common in the brains of women with Alzheimer’s.

It may be possible to spot dementia signs as early as nine years before

If we can find these individuals early enough, we’ll have a better chance of seeing if the drugs are effective.

Ratio shift of protein in brain cells causes changes underlying early cognitive decline

The discovery provides a new therapeutic target to prevent the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

Revealing hidden nanostructures in cells and tissues through a novel way

Separating densely packed molecules before imaging makes them visible for the first time.

Malfunctioning protein complex can lead to neurodegeneration, study

Protein ‘traffic jam' in neurons linked to neurodegeneration.

Boosting neuron production restores memory in mice with Alzheimer’s

Boosting neuron production could be a viable strategy for treating AD patients.

Scientists image brain drainage in mice and humans

The Brain’s drainage system in 3 dimensions.

Another byproduct of aging: Hypermutations in the brain

This is the first large-scale study of somatic mutations in human brains.

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