Larger human brains offer a protective effect against dementia

Intracranial and cerebral volume trends in Framingham Heart Study.

Ketogenic diet shields early memory decline

Keto diet and BHB reverse memory loss in Alzheimer's mice.

AI-assisted bacterial fermentation advances Alzheimer’s drug

Biosensor and machine learning assist in amaryllidaceae enzyme engineering.

Noninvasive chemobrain therapy

Gamma entrainment alleviates chemo-induced cognitive decline.

Mouse model uncovers early Alzheimer’s biomarker

Early Alzheimer's disease seizures are promoted by overactive protein 95.

Gamma rhythm stimulation: Clearing Amyloid in Alzheimer’s mice

A key brain rhythm with light and sound.

Neurons help to flush out waste from the brain during sleep

Neuronal dynamics guide brain waste clearance for Cerebrospinal fluid perfusion.

Study reveals cholesterol’s role in pain sensation

Mechanical activation of TWIK-related potassium channel by nanoscopic movement.

Long-term memory and an absence of mental imagery

The link between Hippocampal-occipital connection and Aphantasia memory issues.

Air pollution can cause more signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain

PM2.5 Exposure linked to Alzheimer's Disease pathology in brain donors.

New study reveals brain’s relationship with environment

Direct links found between Dura and Brain.

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