A Sonic Fire Extinguisher Extinguish Fire by Sound Waves


Generally, fire is extinguished with the help of water or carbon dioxide. Extinguishing fire through sound bass sounds like crazy. But, a pair of engineering students proved it true. The two engineering students from George Mason University have developed an unusual fire extinguisher.

This new generation sonic fire extinguisher that puts out flames by only playing heavy bass. As compared to the other chemical compound of classic extinguishers, this invention offers the cleanest way to put out flames.

The two students named as Seth Robertson and Viet Tran came up with the idea of destroying fires with heavy bass sound. They did a lot of research they came up with a nearly non-destructive way to control fires.

A Sonic Fire Extinguisher Extinguish Fire by Sound Waves

This idea is not new at all. Previously, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has tested the idea before. But, the students are the first ones who have turned the principle into a practical device.

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Working of Sonic Fire Extinguisher:

It works by deep bass sounds. Loud and deep bass sound dub music not only with your ears but also with your body. If your chest ain’t rattling, it’s not happening. But the innovation by this engineers has little bit difference. The gadget they have designed focuses the sound waves in a specific direction instead of spreading them.

In reality, sound waves have the potential to control oxygen and burning material. If these two gets separated, the fire dies away.

A Sonic Fire Extinguisher Extinguish Fire by Sound Waves

Sonex fire extinguisher consists of an amplifier and a cardboard collimator to focus the sound.

Engineers primarily tested the device with different sound waves at different frequencies. They came to the realization that it is all about low-frequency bass sounds between 30 and 60 Hz. Therefore, deep bass tunes of hip hop, dub, dubstep, d&b, trap or grime would also work on flames.

Viet Tran said, “Eventually I’d like to see this applied to, maybe, swarm robotics where they would be attached to a drone and that would be applied to forest fires or even building fires where you wouldn’t want to sacrifice human life.

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