Bamboo Bicycle for a Greener Ride


India is at a really curious stage where everyone wants to achieve green economic growth. Although, Indian consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the benefits of environmentally friendly. Manufacturers also using reproductive organic methods that have a positive impact on the environment. Similarly, Indian-origin man Vijay Sharma have developed a bamboo bicycle for greener ride.

Vijay was habitual for making new things since his childhood. He has made his own leather slippers and bags back in college. In addition, he has even tried making a tennis racket out of cane, and some bamboo furniture including a bed for himself.

Now, he came up with his new bamboo bicycle. This bamboo bicycle is also known as bambikes. The frame of this bambikes is made from bamboo. They are held together at the joints by using hemp fiber instead of glass or carbon fiber.

This bamboo bicycle has successfully cleared the test at the Japanese Industrial test at the TI factory in Chennai. Under this test, a bicycle is subjected 1,00,000 times to vibrations. This bicycle has lite weight as compared to steel bicycles.

Vijay said, “I’ve spent my childhood making things in my father’s carpentry workshop. I enjoy using my own hands to create things.

I may be the first Indian to make the bamboo bicycle but I am not the first person in the world. The first bamboo bicycle was made in 1898. In the 1990s, a Brazilian designer made another one. Then there was an American in the mid-2000s and then it was me. So I don’t mind sharing the knowledge.

Bamboo has zero carbon footprint unless you transport it to long distances. It is a natural tube, light-weight and has very good compressive and tensile strength, which are important factors when making bikes. Bamboo makes for a great shock absorber because it has good elasticity and provides enough rigidity to the frame. Bamboo also has to be prevented from wood borers from attacking it. It has to be made water-proof before use. But it isn’t a big deal,” he added.

In India, it is considered as bamboo is cheap material. So, the price for this bike will be less than conventional metal bikes. According to Vijay, frame costs anywhere between Rs. 15,000-25,000 depending on the customization.

Vijay said, “But despite all the goodness, the bambike hasn’t had a lot of takers in India.”

Before creating this bamboo bicycle, Vijay made a side cart for his Enfield bike.

Currently, he is working on a new project with another designer friend. Together they are building a hybrid four-wheeled cycle cart that runs on battery and pedals.


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