Multifunctional e-glasses monitor health, protect eyes, control video game

Three-dimensional-printed, personalized, multifunctional electronic eyeglasses (E-glasses).


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Personal accessories, for example, glasses and watches that we usually carry in our everyday life, can yield essential data from the human body. Yet, the majority of them are restricted to exercise-related parameters or simple heart rates. Since these restricted characteristics may emerge from interfaces between the body and items as one of the main reasons, an interface design considering such a factor can give us biologically important information.

Now, scientists reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, have devised multifunctional smart electronic glasses (e-glasses) that monitors various biological phenomena such as a person’s brain waves and body movements. While acting as sunglasses, the e-glass lets users control a video game with eye motions.

The glasses’ frame was built by using a 3D printer. Scientists then added flexible electrodes near the ears (EEG sensor) and eyes (EOG sensor). In addition to that, scientists added a wireless circuit for motion/UV sensing on the side of the glasses and a UV-responsive, color-adjustable gel inside the lenses.

When the sensor detected UV rays of a certain intensity, the lenses changed color and became sunglasses. The motion detector allowed the researchers to track the posture and gait of the wearer, as well as to detect when they fell. The EEG recorded alpha rhythms of the brain, which could be used to monitor health. Finally, the EOG monitor allowed the wearer to quickly move bricks around in a popular video game by adjusting the direction and angle of their eyes. The e-glasses could be useful for digital healthcare or virtual reality applications.

Journal Reference:
  1. Joong Hoon Lee et al., 3D Printed, Customizable, and Multifunctional Smart Electronic Eyeglasses for Wearable Healthcare Systems and Human–Machine Interfaces. DOI: 10.1021/acsami.0c03110


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