AI-powered system can automatically rewrite outdated Wikipedia articles

The system can be used to augment datasets to eliminate bias when training detectors of "fake news."


Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia, but there are so many updates constantly needed to Wikipedia articles. So it is quite natural to have some doubts about the content we see on Wikipedia. This situation occurs when editors do not have time to update information. Although there are bots that can edit materials on Wikipedia, they are usually limited to updated templates or the fight against vandalism.

MIT has developed a more attractive solution to this issue and takes advantage of the power of artificial intelligence. The new artificial intelligence system automatically rewrites Wikipedia sentences containing obsolete information with little to no human intervention, while keeping the language similar to how humans write and edit. Thus, the text created using AI will not look unusual in a carefully crafted paragraph.

Working with machine learning, the program compares sentences in Wikipedia articles with a “claim” sentence that contains the updated and conflicting information. If the system sees any contradictions between these two sentences, it detects what it has to delete and keep. After that, the

The system then automatically delete and keep specific words in the outdated sentence, based on information in the claim, to update facts but maintain style and grammar.

However, at the moment, the software is not fully ready to be used. In particular, when assessing the accuracy of actual updates, the model scores 4 points out of 5, and the accuracy of the grammar of the story is 3.85 points out of 5. These scores, which are much better compared to other systems, will still make you differentiate the text of artificial intelligence from a person’s writing.

However, as the system improves, it can be useful for making minor changes to Wikipedia, news articles, or other documents in cases where engaging a human editor is not entirely rational and practical. It is not yet specified how much time developers may need to improve the work of the artificial intelligence system.

Researchers who will study and refine this software do not intend to limit their application to Wikipedia only. The same program can be used for purposes such as detecting fake news.

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