Microsoft’s New Holoportation Technology


Microsoft’s research circle has developed a new type of 3D video capture system. This 3D video capture system is known as “holoportation”. It allows for 3D interpretation of people to be fundamentally shifted to any circumstance in actual time. Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that permits superior 3D models of people to be modernized, compacted, and shifted anywhere in the globe in real-time.

When interacting with holoLens (a pair of mixed reality head-mounted smart glasses developed by Microsoft Corporation), this technology permits the user to notice, listen and communicate with a remote partner in 3D like they really exist at the same place as natural as face to face communication.

How does this Holoportation work?

It uses an array of 3D video cameras that capture pictures of a person from all corners. Then simultaneously join together a 3D model of the person that can be reorganized, compressed, and shifted anywhere instantly.

A person wearing Microsoft’s HoloLens (an improved reality headset) can watch, listen and communicate with another participant who is being involved in this Holographic teleportation from anywhere in the world. The other participant will look like a hologram to the person wearing HoloLens.

Unlike other Hologram technologies, the appealing part is the capability to communicate virtually in real-time and merge the experience with current scaffold-like HoloLens.

By using the Holoportation system, communications that take place can be recorded and played later at the time, the user wants either with HoloLens or any other display technology.


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