Meet iVAR avatar robot– a robot for robots

Helping smaller companies cope with installing and fine-tuning their robotic systems.


Expanding take-up of mechanical frameworks is crucial for intensity in European assembling. The exceptional iVAR symbol robot can enable littler organizations to adapt to introducing and tweaking their mechanical frameworks decreasing the expense of proprietorship and taking out hindrances to a more extensive utilization of apply autonomy in industry.

In assembling far and wide, mechanical robots are ending up progressively normal. This is particularly so in higher wage cost nations, where robots have had a huge effect discharging the human workforce from dreary and strenuous generation line operations.

Meet iVAR avatar robot– a robot for robots
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Digitisation of an industry is essential for expanding intensity in Europe and the utilization of modern robots is presently moving into littler organizations. Be that as it may, acquainting mechanical technology with SMEs is a test as, normally, they have more entangled generation operations, frequently expecting to change procedures and creation, and they may likewise regularly do not have the important specialized capability and limit.

Professor Trygve Thomessen, Managing Director of Norwegian high-tech robotics system integrator said, “This introduces bottlenecks to the introduction of robots as there is a higher installation cost due to the need for experts to tune the production system on site and any change in production may also require the presence of an expert – which can be a significant cost.”

iVAR, the Intelligent Versatile Avatar Robot, expects to tackle this bottleneck and empower more extensive utilization of robots in assembling. iVAR is a smart versatile stage with media correspondence and a robot arm, giving independent or telework, examination, diagnostics, preparing and programming for mechanical robot and computerization frameworks. The point is to give moment administrations to diminish generation stoppage time. iVAR can do its administrations inside or outside the mechanical robot cell, or be a cooperative right hand to the nearby modern robot.

Remote help is the key component of the iVAR idea, which is being created in a Norwegian-South Korean joint effort. The iVAR symbol is intended to interface completely with most by far of robot frameworks accessible industrially, getting to cameras in the robot cell and different sensors. Information is obtained locally and after that transmitted to a specialist who could be arranged anyplace on the planet.

A local communication interface is also available to enable the company’s engineers to do any necessary physical adjustments on the spot such as reconfiguration and reprogramming.

iVAR is very much a black box system. The software behind iVAR – its brain – is called FlexGui 4.0 and can acquire data from all types of devices on the market using an open source interface, ROS Industrial. It is intuitive and with just a half-day training, customers can get iVAR working for them logging data fast. FlexGui can be run on all tablets, smartphone or laptops and is being commercialized now.

The iVAR avatar robot itself is in its final development phase and able to move autonomously in the robot cell. It is envisaged that customers would only need this assistance on site temporarily during the commissioning phase of a new process. So, the robot would be rented to most customers with a few, larger companies purchasing.

Trygve said, “The iVAR solution means issues can be solved remotely, providing instant help and saving cost. This makes clients happier and more motivated to install more robots in the future.”

“Now we are testing the market and in good discussions with potential partners in Korea and Japan and starting to talk to European manufacturers.”

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