Magic Fridge That Needs No Electricity & Minimizes Food Wastage Too

A 12th class student named Dikshita Khullar has developed a prototype of a magic fridge that works without electricity.


Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes. No doubt, Food wastage is a disturbing issue in India. Our street and garbage bins, landfills have sufficient proof to prove it. According to the United Nations Development Programme, up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted.

In a bright move to handle this issue, a 12th class student named Dikshita Khullar from G.D. Goenka Public School in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi has developed a prototype of a magic fridge. This magic fridge does not need electricity and expected to help farmers whose produce run the risk of rotting every day.

Dikshita is always passionate about finding solutions for environmental solutions. Inspired by the process of when liquid water evaporates from a surface and hence decreases the temperature, she built the prototype. She used easily available materials such as bricks, sand, jute bags and bamboo sticks, which are cost effective for farmers too.

Magic Fridge That Needs No Electricity & Minimizes Food Wastage Too
Image Credit: Public Domain

Dikshita explained, “Imagine one big rectangular structure constructed with bricks and another small rectangular structure built inside the big rectangular chamber. The catch is to leave some space in-between both of these structures so that it can be filled with sand. The upper part of the chamber is covered with the bamboo lid and that’s all that there is to this structure.”

Along with its chambers, the magic fridge can hold up to 6 crates or 120 kg of vegetables by keeping them fresh for more than 7 days.

It uses very simple methodology. The vendor just needs to water the chamber every 2-hours. By doing this, the chamber will keep the inside area cool with the temperature 10-15 degree Celsius.

Kanhiya Lal, a local vegetable vendor said, “This is like a magic-fridge, it has helped me reduce post-harvest losses and has also raised the value of my vegetable stock in the glut period.”


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