Nature Genetics

Targeting tired immune cells to prevent breast cancer

Mapping cellular shifts in the adult human breast.

Innovative tool enhances disease-causing gene discovery

Enhanced gene discovery with genetic confounder adjustment.

Preventing coronary artery disease through gene discoveries

Genome-wide study uncovers coronary artery calcification insights.

Genetic study links blood sugar and type 2 diabetes treatment

Diabetes pathophysiology and treatment: A genetic perspective.

Early detection test for acute myeloid leukemia risk by scientists

Multiparameter approach for predicting risk of myeloid neoplasia.

The largest-ever study of the genetics of the brain

Study identifies how the brain is organized.

DNA discovery reveals how we maintain healthy blood sugar levels after meals

Treatments for type 2 diabetes may be developed in the future.

Identifying the cause of mysterious heart disease in women

Researchers are investigating the genetics of spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

Largest-ever genetic study revealed genetic regions associated with endometriosis

The study found new data about the variants that increase the risk of the disease.

Previously unexplored genomic control regions hold the key to identifying the causes of rare disease

Scientists have discovered the cause of a rare condition within a part of the genome.

New insight into the genetic causes of autism and ADHD

Your genes determine whether you get ADHD or autism.

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