Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Physical Review Letters

Black holes ring: Physics to pay close attention

New methods will allow for better tests of Einstein's general theory of relativity using LIGO data.

UVA-led discovery challenges 30-year-old dogma in associative polymers research

Associative polymers have unique self-healing and flow properties.

New theoretical research has shown that Stephen Hawking was right about black holes

Stephen Hawking was right about black holes, although not completely.

Helium nuclei research improves understanding of the origin and propagation of cosmic rays

Further evidence of spectral hardening and softening of cosmic ray particles.

Measurements of hypernuclei flow at RHIC

Particle collisions provide insight into neutron stars' properties.

Better understanding of the formation of vortex rings

Demystifying vortex rings in nuclear fusion, supernovae.

Scientists created a shining ring around the black hole in the lab

A spinning plasma ring mimics the rotating structure surrounding a black hole.

Physicists tracked electron recollision in real-time

The classical description of electron motion is justified.

A clever algorithm to improve understanding of particle beams in accelerators

The algorithm pairs ML techniques with beam physics equations to avoid massive data crunching.

A new quantum sensing method has the potential to improve greenhouse gas detection

A novel method for detecting & characterizing molecules with greater accuracy.

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