First SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations immune response to new virus variants

Immunological imprinting impacts human antibody reaction to SARS-CoV-2 mutations.

Fast-acting molecule boosts white blood cell counts briefly

Endocrine stress response: Small molecule mobilizes leukocytes.

Precision brain cancer removal with the body’s invisible scalpel

Boosting immune defense against glioblastoma: CTLA-4 blockade's action.

OHSU study provides new insights into HIV Cure

Stem cell transplants may clear HIV from latent reservoirs.

Why lung cancer doesn’t respond well to immunotherapy?

The findings could help lead to the development of new ways to rev up the immune response to lung tumors.

EPFL scientists made a breakthrough in fighting against immunotherapy-resistant cancers

Drug combo breaks down cancer resistance to immunotherapy.

Rogue immune cells are a major contributor to autoimmune conditions

Rogue immune cells linked to leukaemia are a key driver of autoimmune diseases.

Scientists identified two antibodies that protect against influenza B virus strains

Findings point the way to developing a broad-spectrum flu drug,

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