3D Internet : The Future of the Internet


Many things that we do in our daily life are connected to the Internet. Without the internet, almost everyone cannot imagine their life. In short, we have become dependent on the Internet to fulfill our desires.

Have you ever imagined how will the internet look like in 100 years? Will there even be internet?

Maybe after 100 years, it will likely be something new. Some people believe a newer, more sophisticated network will take its place in the near future.

It may turn to a 3D web or 3D Internet?

What is 3D internet?

Like the existing internet, a 3D internet is a set of interconnected virtual worlds that users can visit to consume services, teleporting from one world to another.

Unlike now, the way we experience television, the 3D Internet is inherently interactive and engaging. It will offer immersive 3D experiences that replicate real life.

3D internet is a powerful combination of two forces: Internet and 3D Graphics. It is inherently interactive and engaging. Like 2D internet, it will rely on Browser, Search engine, Servers. As compared to the 2D Internet, it will make the world more social.

Features of the 3D interent:

  • Giving the services a shape using 3D graphics and
  • Giving the users a shape by using avatars.

Advantages of 3D Internet:

  • 3D films cannot be pirated.
  • Participants have control throughout the virtual space.
  • Content is readily available.
  • Participants have a choice in whether to interact with an offering.
  • Open communication facility.
  • Easy discussion and sharing ideas.
  • Exapnded business contacts.

Applications of 3D Internet:

  • In 3D virtual shops.
  • To interact with virtual workspaces.
  • In product visualization.
  • In web based training
  • Virtual experiments for physical sciences.
  • For entertainment purpose.
  • In eduction where more personalization is needed.
  • 3D internet would pave new road for Arts. It will allow people to show their arts to wide range of people.

3D internet works by:

  • By using virtual platforms.
  • By using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Implementing sixth-sense technology.
  • Using sensors and holographic image projections.

In future, it has the ability to attract highly motivated audience.


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