Elon Musk Has Announced a New Goal for SpaceX

Relaunching rockets: Key to make human life multi-planetary


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With an achievement of SpaceX, an Aerospace Company, Elon Musk now set his sights on a new goal. He has set a goal to relaunch a rocket within 24 hours. It will be the first company to launch a mission into space using recycled rockets.

According to Musk, the goal will significantly reduce up to 30% cost of space travel. But before this, he has to overcome all barriers ahead of him. It will prove that reusing rockets is a permanent part of the commercial space program.

Ray Lugo, director of the University of Central Florida’s Space Institute, said, “If they demonstrate that they can reuse it once, that’s one thing. But their model is reusing it lots of times. If they can do that without major refurbishment, it’ll change the industry. Because they can then sell launches for way less than anyone else.”

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The company was the first to reuse an orbital booster rocket and successfully send a satellite into space for Luxembourg-based SES Satellites.

Musk said, “Eventually, the booster may offer Cape Canaveral officials as a piece of history.”

“The rapid and complete reusability of rockets is key to opening up space and becoming a space-based civilization, a multi-planet species. It could also make SpaceX a leader in the industry.”

Even after achieving its goal, SpaceX plans to use six more used rockets this year. Put a human on the Red Planet, possibly as soon as 2025.

“We expect to launch the same rockets as many as 10 times without much refurbishment. Up until now, this has been thought to be too hard, or not really feasible. In order to be competitive, it’ll be necessary for other launch companies to do the same thing,” said Elon Musk.

SpaceX is also planning to potentially put a human on the Red Planet as soon as 2025. In addition, the company will also fast-track the ability of humans to stay there, setting up colonies beyond Earth.


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