Vidya Nagalwade

Vidya is a science writer at Tech Explorist. She has expertise in both authoring science content and social media marketing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and believes in lifelong learning. She loves spending time with her family and loved ones in her spare time.
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What initiates chemical intolerance (CI)?

Toxic molds, fossil fuels, antibiotics linked to chemical intolerance.

Machine learning models to predict adolescent suicide and self-harm risk

AI is increasingly being used in mental health to detect high-risk individuals.

Making cities greener not only captures carbon but also reduces carbon emissions

How cities can orchestrate a wide range of green solutions?

Warming temperatures increase groundwater depletion rates in India

India's groundwater depletion rates could triple in the coming decades due to the warming climate.

The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival rates

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect polar bears?

Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

The evolution of kangaroo locomotion

Kangaroos used alternative methods to hop.

Impact of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sites on bat activity

The activity level of bat species was significantly reduced at solar farm sites.

The environment plays an important role in hoiho protection

How hoiho foraging grounds overlap with commercial fisheries and marine protected areas?

Satellite data show disparate nitrogen dioxide trends across California

Wildfires and soil emissions increase air pollution in remote forests.

Screen time is linked to childhood development delays

The relation between screen time exposure among children aged 1 year and 5 domains of developmental delay at age 2 and 4 years.