University of Portsmouth

The first side-necked turtle was discovered in the UK

A fossil was discovered on an Isle of wight national trust beach.

Giants of the jurassic seas were twice as large as killer whales

Paleontologists have discovered that a pliosaur could have grown to 14.4 metres.

Concerns raised over the impact of chemicals on marine life

Researchers warn of deleterious chemicals in harbors.

Scientists identified an unusual new species of pterosaur

The nearly complete skeleton was found in a German quarry.

Scientists solved the mystery of how the first quasars in the universe formed

The first supermassive black holes were simply a natural consequence of structure formation...

A new experiment could confirm the fifth form of matter

It could change physics as we know it.

The most elaborately dressed-to-impress dinosaur

New dinosaur showed descendants how to dress to impress.

Scientists discovered the first fossilized remains of dinosaur from Jurassic-era

Ireland’s only dinosaurs discovered in Antrim.

Scientists discovered ‘the most dangerous place in history’ on Earth

A new study by the University of Portsmouth has provided a window into Africa's Age of Dinosaurs. They reviewed almost 100 years of fossil...

Scientists discovered new species of flying reptiles

Professor David Martill from Portsmouth and researchers from the United States and Morocco have discovered a community of flying reptiles that lived in the...

Scientists discovered a remarkable 110-million-year-old treasure

While examining fossilized leaves of the Welwitschiophyllum plant, found in the Crato Formation in Brazil, scientists from the University of Portsmouth have discovered a...

The newly engineered enzyme helps turn plant waste into sustainable products

An international team of researchers has engineered a new family of enzymes that could pave the way towards the conversion of plant waste into...

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