University of Houston

University of Houston

A new approach speeds success in achieving highly efficient thermoelectric materials

New approach to predict the realization of band convergence in a series of materials.

A newer generation tetracycline antibiotic could be new weapon against C diff bacteria

Phase 1 trial shows new RX Fights C Diff and spares healthy microbiota.

Researchers develop fully stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery

New battery offers improved safety, enhanced performance, and remarkable flexibility for new applications.

Discovery slows down muscular dystrophy

UH researchers target protein that can slow disease progression, improve muscle function.

Sensors that operate in extreme temperatures and environments

Sensitive, Reliable and Durable Sensors Created for Multiple Industries.

A pressure quench process to enhance superconductivity

Working to revolutionize the way we live.

Creating upward water fountain in deep water

Fountain created by lasers, Marangoni effect is the cause.

An unnoticeable, soft ultra-thin electronics for wearable HMI devices

Wearable human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are important devices that function as direct communication pathways between humans and machines. By sensing the physical and electrophysiological parameters...

New superconducting coil improves MRI performance

Scientists from the University of Houston have developed a high-temperature superconducting coil. This coil allows magnetic resource imaging (MRI) scanners to generate higher-resolution images...

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