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University of Arizona

James Webb Space Telescope Shed Light on Early Universe Supernovae

NASA’s Webb Opens New Window on Supernova Science

New method to lower breast cancer metastases to brain

Autophagy counteracts brain metastasis in breast cancer and boosts lapatinib.

How do humans impact Earth’s deep subsurface?

The current fluid movement rates induced by human activities are higher.

How did the moon turn itself inside out?

More of a choose-your-own adventure novel.

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Probes Starburst Galaxy Messier 82

Amid a galaxy teeming with new and young stars lies an intricate substructure.

Webb captures the end of planet formation

How much time do planets have to form from a swirling disk of gas and dust around a star?

JWST identified neon signs that offer clues to planet formation

Using the noble gases neon and argon.

New discovery in Beta Pictoris System reveals unseen structure

Scientists have made a new discovery in the Beta Pictoris planetary system, located just 63 light-years away. This system has been studied for decades...

A near-Earth asteroid is a piece of the moon

Some lucky lunar fragments could actually find their way to Earth-like orbits.

A detailed atlas of almost 400,000 galaxies in our cosmic neighborhood

Astronomers have created a detailed atlas of almost 400,000 galaxies in our cosmic neighborhood. The Siena Galaxy Atlas was compiled using data from NSF's...

Study reveals irritable bowel syndrome as a long COVID symptom

IBS as a potential long-term outcome of COVID-19.

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