Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Visual aids can improve motor performance

Visual-motor illusion (VMI) improves early stages of motor learning.

Why insects are so rare in marine environments

Animals harden their shells to protect themselves.

Modeling variations observed in soft X-ray signals detected by satellites

Models capture how solar wind charge exchange events are observed.

Study explains the mysterious gamma-ray-producing bubbles surrounding the galactic center

Evidence shows strong outflowing winds responsible for the “Fermi bubbles”.

Proteins help each other stably bind to DNA

Transcription factors enjoy a reciprocal relationship around fission yeast chromatin.

Understanding the physics of granular matter using Magic sand

Children's toy an ideal modifier for interparticle adhesion and mechanical properties.

Scientists discovered a new mechanism that causes Alzheimer’s disease

Cause of Alzheimer's disease traced to a mutation in the common enzyme.

Precise estimation of the Earth’s magnetic field for natural disaster detection

By using Machine learning techniques, scientists at the Tokyo Metropolitan University have achieved fast, precise estimation of local geomagnetic fields. They took help of data gathered...

Unveiling the mechanism protecting replicated DNA from degradation

Scientists at the Tokyo Metropolitan University have successfully depleted AND-1 for DNA replication. They are thus able to increase uncommon access to the mechanism behind...

Demonstrating new layered superconductors using high entropy alloys

Scientists at the Tokyo Metropolitan University have made new superconductors made of layers of bismuth sulfide (BiS2) and a high entropy rare earth alloy...

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