Ohio State University

Deep breaths: Essential for anger management

A study on anger control activities: What makes anger rise or fall?

New carbon capture method powered by clean, geothermal energy

A climate-friendly way to capture carbon dioxide in the air.

Teens with more siblings face mental health challenges

Teens' mental health and sibling count: Insights from U.S. and China

Holiday health challenges uncovered in OSU survey

Americans' holiday struggle with health habits.

Harnessing a parasite’s power to halt pain

Leishmania mexicana induces metabolomic shifts to reduce pain in skin lesions.

Unexpected link between schizophrenia risk proteins

Controlling fast-spiking neurons: Cytoskeleton-membrane interaction.

A powerful physics phenomenon demonstrated

Study hints at new way to improve on spintronics for future tech.

COVID-19 virus is evolving rapidly in white-tailed deer

Study finds deer are virus reservoirs, promoting ongoing mutation.

Using existing bus-mounted cameras to monitor traffic conditions

Study taps into AI to improve future road planning.

Astronomers discover striking evidence of ‘unusual’ stellar evolution

Magnetic activity plays key role in exoplanet habitability.

Domestic cats’ noses function similarly to parallel coiled gas chromatographs

Parallels between cat noses and gas chromatography provide new insights into mammalian evolution.

Y chromosome loss linked to increased cancer risk in men

Y chromosome loss helps cancer cells evade the immune system.

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