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How does a dad’s depression or anxiety affect his kids?

Paternal mental health and child development in middle childhood.

Scientists assembled the genome sequences of nearly 300 varieties of potatoes

It is the most extensive collection of genome sequence data for the potato and its relatives to date.

New DNA evidence suggests multiple populations gave rise to modern humans

Homo sapiens originated from multiple closely related populations.

Brain diseases are better classified using analysis of gene activity

Research led by Yashar Zeighami at McGill University, Canada provides a new way to characterize brain diseases. The study, published in the open access...

Study reveals how the brain makes sense of changing environmental cues

How the brain's 'internal compass' works?

Study offers a more effective way to predict kidney cancer’s risk

Genes reveal kidney cancer’s risk of recurrence.

How does vaping affect the lungs?

E-cigarettes can cause cellular and molecular changes.

Study finds a correlation between neurodegeneration in obese people and Alzheimer’s disease

Obesity-related neurodegeneration mimics Alzheimer’s disease.

Astronomers captured a radio signal from the most distant galaxy

Probing galaxies at much greater distances from Earth may now be within reach.

A rare discovery of dinosaur remains preserved with its last meal

An unusual fossil reveals more about the diet of Microraptor, a bird-like dinosaur with four wings.

Study highlights the importance of the perception of emotion in romantic relationships

Beliefs about how we are seen by our romantic partners may affect the quality of our relationships.

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