UK consumes 13,000 tonnes of chocolate each week

Sex and social media are easier to give up than chocolate for millions.


Chocolate is a passion! You don’t just nibble or eat chocolate; you savor, experience, live, and, at times, reluctantly share it.

A new survey by the British Heart Foundation suggests that many chocoholics in the UK are ready to give up sex, coffee, and social media but not chocolate. The country’s love for chocolate is clearly visible, and it seems that many can not get the sweet stuff off their minds. On average, people think about chocolate five times a day—the equivalent of 1,825 times a year.

During the survey, scientists found that around 1 in 6 respondents would find it easier to give up sex, while a fifth of people would rather kick their coffee habit. If these results were repeated nationally, around eight million adults would find it easier to give up sex, and 10 million would rather ditch caffeine than chocolate. Over a fifth polled (around 11 million adults) would rather give up social media and spend nights watching their favorite shows on Netflix.

The survey suggests people consume around 240g – the equivalent of six small chocolate bars. The adult population in the UK consumes an estimated 13,000 tonnes of chocolate a week – the same weight as over 1,000 double-decker buses.

Over a third of people have admitted to waking up in the middle of the night and eating chocolate, and over two-fifths of the population have waited until a partner, friend or family member has left the room before tucking into their chocolate treats.

Daniel Field at the British Heart Foundation said: “Our love of chocolate is plain to see and we are undoubtedly infatuated with the sweet stuff. From the moment we wake up to go to sleep, this survey reveals the lengths people will go to so they don’t have to part with their chocolate.”

“By challenging yourself to a Dechox this February, you will be able to put your will power to the test whilst raising funds for our vital research. Ditching the chocolate for 28 days will leave you feeling like you’ve conquered something huge and the money you raise will help fund breakthroughs to help beat heart and circulatory diseases for good.”

“We have released these figures on the eve of our Dechox campaign – where we ask the nation to put their willpower to the test and give up chocolate for the month of February to raise funds into life-saving research.”


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