Travis translator aims to make people understood

Go Global and Speak Local.


There are over 6 billion people and 7,000 languages in the world. Sometimes at Airport or while dealing in the business, you need to speak in a language that you don’t even know. In such cases, a new innovation is done by Netherlands-based startup will help you best.

This new innovation called Travis translator want to give everyone the right to be understood. Travis is a handy device that inspires change, encourages travel and creates connections that weren’t previously possible. This new wave of translation intelligently combines software and purpose-designed hardware, giving people from all walks of life the power to communicate.

US Travis representative Robb Selander told AFP, “Technology connects us as far as we are accessible to each other, but those true connections aren’t going to happen until we all understand and are understood by each other. We are driven to break down language barriers.”

“Language is the core of communication, the essence of understanding and culture. However many languages are at risk of being left behind in the modern world. We believe in closing the language inequality gap and making digital language resources freely accessible for everyone.”

Travis syncs to registering in the cloud to interpret any blend of 80 languages. Travis establishment is attempting to ‘digitize’ lesser-known dialects on the planet. Once a language is digitized it can not only be used in translation technology like Travis but for education and preservation.

Digitizing dialects additionally implies that the individuals who talk it could show signs of improvement shots at receiving rewards of innovation advances, for example, voice-summoned PCs or virtual aides.


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