Plate Tectonics

Unveiling Earth’s past through 2.5 billion-year-old Pacific rock samples

Pacific rock samples offer a glimpse of an active Earth 2.5 billion years ago.

What caused an extreme ice-age climate in Earth’s history?

What made Earth a giant snowball 700m years ago?

Source rocks of the first real continents uncovered

A missing link in the enigmatic story of how the continents developed.

A carbon-lite atmosphere could be a sign of habitable planet

The James Webb Space Telescope can detect.

Scientists found a distinct, thin layer above Earth’s core

Earth's surface water dives deep, transforming core's outer layer.

Venus had plate tectonics like Earth billions of years ago

A finding that opens the door for the possibility of early life on the planet and insights into its history.

Chicken Or Dinosaur? New fossil link in bird evolution

The new species exhibits a bizarre assembly of morphologies that are shared with other avialans.

The study discovered the secret to Venus’s youthful appearance

What keeps Venus looking so young?

Ancient volcanic activity on Moon’s dark side

Large sub-surface granite formation signals ancient volcanic activity on Moon's dark side.

Ancient ocean floor likely surrounds the core beneath the Earth

The layer is likely dense yet thin.

Earth needed time to ‘mix’ its continental crust

The formation of continental crust plays a central role in stabilizing climate.

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