Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Plastic pollution

Compostable plastic can be turned into an insulating foam

The process is like opening a can of soda and releasing the carbonation.

New way to make compostable plastics break down more easily

Solving a problem that has flummoxed the plastics industry and environmentalists.

Microplastics are more ubiquitous than science had known

Scientists find microplastics everywhere.

New recycling process could cut down millions of tons of plastic waste

A method for reclaiming the polymers using solvents.

Scientists found evidence of microplastic pollution on Mount Everest

The study is a real eye-opener.

A new kind of plastic that maintains its original qualities when recycled

High-performance circular polymers with both intrinsic chemical recyclability and crystallinity.

Upcycling PET plastic waste into a nanomaterial for supercapacitors

The breakthrough could reduce plastic pollution and hasten the transition to 100% clean energy.

A new polymer that can degrade by ultraviolet radiation

Scientists at Cornell University have come up with a new polymer that can degrade by ultraviolet radiation. This faster-degrading plastic can degrade on a...

How submarine sediment avalanches transport microplastics into the deep ocean?

Much of the macro- and microplastic in the ocean ends up on the seafloor, with some of the highest concentrations reported in submarine canyons...

LEGO bricks could survive in the ocean for up to 1,300 years

The residence times of plastics in the oceans are obscure, mainly as a result of the durability of the material and the moderately short...

We are drinking lots of plastics

The widespread use and release of plastics in nature have raised global concerns about their impact on public health and the environment. The extensive...

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