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Birthplace of giant planets: Monash astrophysicists discover a baby planet sculpting a disc of gas and dust. Credit: ESO/ALMA.

Second baby planet found using pioneering technique

Monash astrophysicists using the ALMA telescope in Chile have a made a world-first discovery with the sighting of a second baby planet (two to three times heavier than Jupiter) inside a gas and dust gap.
University of Chicago and the University of Bath scientists revealed new insights about how materials cluster together in the absence of gravity. Courtesy of Melody Lim

Levitating particles could unravel how planets form

Mechanically agitated granular matter often serves as a prototype for exploring the rich physics associated with hard-sphere systems, with an effective temperature introduced by...
Artist's conception of a planet covered with a global ocean. A new study finds that these water worlds could maintain stable climates and perhaps sustain life

Water world planets could have stable climate, perhaps support life, study

According to a new study by the University of Chicago and Penn State, planets with water worlds could maintain surface conditions as like as...
Scientist Sees Evidence of Planet Formation in Narrow Rings of Other Solar Systems

Scientist Sees Evidence of Planetary Formation in Narrow Rings of Other Solar Systems

Astronomers by using a pair of NASA telescopes found that comets rings are meeting up to frame planets on the edges of no less...