Adolescents’ bone health affected by PFAS exposure

Impact of Perfluoroalkyl substances on bone health in adolescents.

Female distance runners: The importance of diet

Reducing bone stress injuries in distance runners.

AI can predict your future health

Machine learning automates abdominal aortic calcification Assessment.

Discovery of blood vessel system in bones

Although bones are very hard organs, they also have a dense network of blood vessels inside them where the bone marrow is located as...

Gene map could unlock new treatments for osteoporosis

By identifying almost 500 genetic markers to determine bone mineral density, a new study holds the potential to unlock new treatments for osteoporosis. Bone mineral density...

Osteoporosis drug may find use in cancer therapy

In their quest to find new drugs to treat cancer, scientists are looking to old drugs and trying to repurpose them. A team of researchers...

Scientists get to the bottom of bones and joints

Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital are working hard to promote and maintain functional capacity in old age that...

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