Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Neutron star

Measurements of hypernuclei flow at RHIC

Particle collisions provide insight into neutron stars' properties.

Massive neutron stars likely to have a strange quark matter core

Exploring the equation of state of dense matter.

Astronomers mapped disk winds in a far-off neutron star system

The 2D map of this “disk wind” may reveal clues to galaxy formation.

An explosion the size of our solar system baffled scientists

The flattest explosion ever seen in space.

Astrophysicists discovered the perfect explosion in space

The discovery may provide a new key to fundamental physics and to measuring the age of the Universe.

Astronomers detected a superheavy neutron star

This fleeting, massive object likely formed from the collision of two neutron stars.

NASA captured a revolutionary Gamma-Ray Burst

A game-changing cosmic explosion.

General neutron star structure revealed

Cosmic chocolate pralines!

Black holes don’t always flash GRBs, study

Space scientists may need to rethink how GRBs are formed.

New model for matter in neutron star collisions

As dense as it gets!

Ultra-speedy jet spotted blasting from two neutron star collision

The jet is plowing through space at speeds greater than 99.97% the speed of light.

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