Neutron star

Direct measurement of reaction in neutron star binaries

The rate of this reaction plays a major role in informing models of XRBs.

Advancing gravitational wave detection: Probing neutron star and black hole collisions

Alerts can now be sent less than 30 seconds after detection.

Astronomers observed jets of matter being expelled 3X the speed of light

‘Cosmic Cannibals’ expel jets into space at 40% speed of light.

A large black hole that “hiccups,” giving off plumes of gas

Persistent “hiccups” in a far-off galaxy draw astronomers to new black hole behavior.

3D simulations of X-ray bursts on the surfaces of neutron stars

Exploring exotic stellar phenomena.

Neutron star mergers: New physics signals

With implications for determining the true nature of dark matter.

MIT physicists capture the first sounds of heat “sloshing” in a superfluid

The results will expand scientists’ understanding of heat flow in superconductors and neutron stars.

Massive neutron stars hiding cores of deconfined quark matter

The result was reached through massive supercomputer runs utilizing Bayesian statistical inference.

AstroSat detected milli-second burst in a new high magnetic field neutron star

Understanding the intriguing extreme astrophysical conditions of magnetars.

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