Webb captures the sharpest infrared images of the top of iconic horsehead nebula

The sharpest infrared images to date of Horsehead Nebula.

Webb captures stunning infrared images of the Horsehead Nebula

The sharpest infrared images to date of one of the most distinctive objects in our skies.

Astronomers discover evidence of star Collision that created unique Magnetic Star

A pair of stars in the Norma constellation located about 3800 light-years away from Earth have been found to be very different from each...

Hubble sees a new star, signifying its presence through a cosmic light show

Jets emerge from the cocoon of a newly forming star.

NASA’s Chandra offers evidence for at least two explosions tied to the supernova remnant

A new image of 30 Doradus B contains X-rays, optical, and infrared data.

VST Telescope Captures Stunning View of Running Chicken Nebula

While many holiday traditions involve feasts of turkey, soba noodles, latkes or Pan de Pascua, this year, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) is bringing...

NASA X-ray Telescopes unveil the magnetic field “bones” of a cosmic hand

It is located at the base of the “palm” of the nebula.

Webb reveals intricate structures of the final stages of a dying star

Webb observations offers valuable insights into the formation and evolution of these objects.

New observations distinguished the sites of star formation and star death

This is the farthest that such structures have been observed.

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