TOPICSNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

A complete picture of a superflare on a star

Superflare with massive, high-velocity prominence eruption.

Astronomers measured the cosmic age of a most distant galaxy

This discovery confirms the existence of galaxies in the very early Universe found by the JWST.

Starry tail describes the evolution of a dwarf galaxy

This is an important clue for understanding how so called “ultra-diffuse” galaxies are formed.

Revealing the actual shape of the Universe using AI

A powerful new tool for analyzing big data from current and planned astronomy surveys.

Our solar system has a second alignment plane

This has important implications for models of how comets originally formed in the solar system.

Understanding the cosmic origins of heavy elements

Atoms and ions can absorb and emit certain colors of light. By analyzing the detailed colors of inaccessible objects, like high-temperature plasmas in a...

Japanese astronomers spot new class of object in the Kuiper Belt

A team at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has discovered a new class of object that has long been thought to exist in...

Falling stars hold clue for understanding dying stars

Supernovae are imperative events in the advancement of stars and galaxies, however, the subtle elements of how the explosions happen are as yet obscure....

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