Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

Hidden link found between Saharan dust clouds and the levels of atmospheric methane

Sahara dust can enhance removal of methane from the atmosphere.

The new catalyst reduces methane pollution in millions of engines

Researchers show method to remove greenhouse gas from natural gas engine exhaust.

Arctic glaciers reveal the source of methane

Groundwater springs in arctic provide significant methane source.

Study shows irrigation’s impact on regional climates and environments

Practice is vital in managing climate change and future agricultural development.

A unique new volcano has been discovered in the Barents Sea

The volcano erupts mud, fluids and gas from the planets interior.

Solar eruptions may have formed the first building blocks of life on Earth

A stormy, active Sun may have kickstarted life.

Scientists discovered chemically distinct liquid shooting up from the Oregon seafloor

Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, could offer clues to earthquake hazards.

Surprising: Methane cools even as it heats

Impacts of potent greenhouse gas: a bit lower than previously thought.

How does life thrive in extreme conditions?

The genetics of temperature adaptation.

What it would take to discover life on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus?

Enceladus is a hot candidate for potentially harboring alien life.

Biodegradable medical gowns introduce harsh greenhouse gas discharge

There’s no magic bullet to this problem.

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