Webb Telescope offers first glimpse of an exoplanet’s interior

A surprisingly low amount of methane and a super-sized core hide within the cotton candy–like planet.

Webb discovered Ethanol and other icy ingredients around two protostars

Newfound carbon-containing molecules are key ingredients.

Atmospheric pressure fluctuations could be driving Mars’ elusive methane pulses

Simulations will help Curiosity search for signs of past or present life on the Red Planet.

Webb found a brown dwarf with auroras

Infrared emission from methane suggests atmospheric heating by auroral processes.

New methane cleaner could become a permanent fixture in cattle and pig barns

The result gets us closer to being able to remove greenhouse gases from livestock housing.

Scientists decoded millions of mysterious pits in the ocean

For the first time how vertebrates shape the North Sea seafloor.

Climate change’s impact on microbes alters the greenhouse gases in oceans

This study can enhance our understanding of their impact on human life.

AI automatically detects methane plumes from space

A powerful tool in combating climate change.

Webb identified methane and water vapor in exoplanets’ atmosphere

Scientists can now start to perform an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

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