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The manipulator arm of the remotely operated vehicle Jason samples a stream of fluid from a hydrothermal vent. The fluid contains gases that are in liquid form because of the high pressure of the deep ocean. Credit: Chris German/WHOI/NSF, NASA/ROV Jason 2012, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Origin of massive methane reservoir identified

A source of chemical energy that’s being created by geology.
A conceptual drawing of an industrial array for converting methane (CH4) to carbon dioxide (CO2) using catalytic materials called zeolites (CUII and FEIV). (Image credit: Jackson, et al. 2019 Nature Sustainability / Artist: Stan Coffman)

Converting methane into carbon dioxide could help turn the tide of climate change

Scientists at Stanford University, in a recent study, have suggested that converting methane to CO2 may help combat climate change. Doing this could help...
This image depicts the selective functionalization of methane molecules, a chemical process that makes them more technologically desirable. The methane molecules are shown as one gray carbon atom connected to four white hydrogen atoms. The orange crystals at bottom represent the metal-organic frameworks in which the reaction takes place. (Image by Xuan Zhang, Northwestern University.)

Uncovering a missing link from methane to methanol

Microscopic crystalline structures called metal-organic systems (MOFs) may give an approach to take care of one of the most serious issues in methane functionalization...
A New Way to Harness Wasted Methane

A New Way to Harness Wasted Methane

Methane, the largest component of natural gas get wastes 150 billion cubic meters per year during the process called flaring. Thus it leads to almost 400 million...