Mental illness

Study reveals broader impact of childhood adversity

Childhood adversity linked to adult mental health issues.

Adversity’s impact on mental health & cognition

Lifetime adversity linked to depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline in older adults in the US.

Fathers’ psychiatric diagnosis, the chances of preterm birth are higher

New analysis of Swedish birth records suggests it’s not only mothers’ mental health that’s important.

Neurotic people are more likely to suffer from mood swings

Neurotic people experience negative emotions, not only more intensely.

New anorexia nervosa therapy offers hope for recovery

A step toward developing new and safe therapeutics.

Poor family cohesion is associated with long-term psychological impacts in bereaved teenagers

Swedish study suggests a link between family cohesion after parental loss and mental health.

Autistic women are particularly vulnerable to mental illness

These findings highlight the need for profound mental health services among autistic young adults.

Substance use disorders linked to poor health outcomes, study

In some cases dramatically affects the life expectancy of the affected people.

Depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety share a common gut bacteria

Common factors within the gut-associated with depression and bipolar disorder.

Poor physical health acts as a barrier for job seekers

Physical health conditions are pervasive among individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) living in the community. And many individuals with SMI are unemployed despite...

Physical and mental illnesses combined increase emergency department visits

Individuals with both physical illness and mental disorders visit the emergency department more frequently than people with a various physical disease or mental illness...

Uncertainty can delay the treatment for young people with mental illness

Marks of disgrace, states of mind of confidence and misattributing side effects drove a gathering of youthful grown-ups encountering their first scene of psychosis...

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