Meditation helps to recall positive memories in people with depression

The new approach builds off previous research linking depression to the retrieval of autobiographical memories.

Meditation could effectively reduce migraine severity

Assessing key meditation ingredients that positively impact mood and headache factors across different meditation techniques.

Brain scans can predict children’s mental health problems

Scans of brain activity in seven-year-olds are helping Northeastern researchers predict symptoms of depression, anxiety, and attentional problems in teenagers.

Meditation enhances social-emotional learning in middle school students

A growing literature describes the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) for student social behavior, academic performance, and emotional health. One broadly executed school program,...

High-tech meditation kit to make meditation measurable

Along with a designer, scientists, businesses, students, and the DesignLab University of Twente, Danielle Roberts was working on a plan to develop a high-tech meditation kit that...

Meditation plays limited role in making you a better person, suggests study

For a considerable length of time, numerous individuals have asserted reflection can change how we carry on towards others and influence us more to...

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