Friday, June 2, 2023


In Sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 30% of young children may be affected by malaria

Almost three out of ten children in 13 Sub-Saharan Africa countries are infected with malaria, with older under-five children living in large families with...

Genetically derived Mosquitoes help in slow down the growth of spreading Malaria

Scientists put together the mosquitoes that can’t spread malaria.

A new system that restrains populations of mosquitoes

CRISPR-based system developed to safely restrain mosquito vectors via sterilization.

A new target for malaria drugs

Blocking a key enzyme could kill parasites that have evolved resistance to existing drugs.

Malaria parasite’s skeleton reveals its secrets

The organization of the parasite’s skeleton at an unprecedented scale.

Computational approach may lead to a future treatment for coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Prof. Sarel Fleishman and his team in the Department of Biomolecular Sciences are deep into planning mode. Using a...

Some of the families’ soup could fend of malaria

London schoolchildren have found that some of their families’ soup recipes have antimalarial properties, with the help of Imperial scientists.

Removing malaria-carrying mosquitoes unlikely to affect ecosystems, study

An estimated, 216 million malaria patients were diagnosed and almost 445,000 deaths occurred in 2016 due to malaria. Although there are many treatments available to...

Scientists identified “smell” given off by malaria-infected children

Children infected with malaria radiate an unmistakable odor through their skin which makes them much more appealing to mosquitoes, analysts have found. In another examination...

Scientists used mosquito net for fishing potential threat to both humans and nature

Mosquito nets dispersed to battle jungle fever are frequently utilized for angling rather, affecting fish populaces and human wellbeing in creating nations. The main ever...

Researchers Reveal New Vaccine to Target Malaria

According to the WHO, every year 429,000 deaths happen because of malaria, a disease caused by the transfer of the Plasmodium parasite from certain...

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